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Barre Fitness - Light

60 minutes

These sessions will take you through the rigours of a traditional ballet barre to give you a whole body workout.

With detailed explanations for every movement and lots of instruction to help you remember each exercise, these workouts are perfectly suited to beginners as well as those with previous experience who want to consolidate their technique.

Barre Fitness - Classic

60 minutes

A full body workout based on the techniques used in classical ballet, sculpting the body and raising overall fitness levels. 


With clear explanations, options to modify certain movements as appropriate and sufficient instruction to keep you on track during each exercise, previous ballet experience is not essential - many beginners are quite comfortable working at this level, making these workouts suitable for all abilities.

Barre Fitness - Express

45 minutes

Based on the training of professional ballet dancers, these workouts are set at a slightly quicker pace to ensure that the body is both lengthened and toned despite the shortened session.

With only limited explanations offered so as to maintain the momentum of these express sessions, some previous experience will be needed for these workouts. 

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