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Having stringently followed the government guidelines regarding COVID-19, the doors to our Manchester-based studio have now been closed for a considerable length of time; in fact, it was a staggering 18 weeks by the time restrictions eased enough to allow for the reopening of indoor exercise facilities, subject to being able to prove adherence to the new social distancing measures that have to be implemented.

The heavy loss of revenue incurred during this period has necessitated the scrutiny of all factors that directly impact the sustainability of reopening Studio One.  The most obvious difficulty to overcome is down to the locality of the studio - given that Greater Manchester still faces restrictions when it comes to mixing with other households, many people who were surveyed felt it would be contradictory to try new indoor facilities under the current climate, with a high number of our own pre-lockdown members expressing their discomfort at the thought of returning to the studio to exercise alongside others at this moment in time.  Secondary to this is the financial element - the pandemic has, without a doubt, had consequential effects on the disposable income of many, leaving a large percentage of our client base more cautious in their spending and, as such, reluctant to restart their previous memberships.  Add to the equation the fact that many of our regular members only frequented the studio on their way to/from their city-based workplaces, which they are not yet scheduled to return to as they continue to work from home, I'm not confident that I'd be able to secure the volume of footfall that would cover the cost of operating out of Studio One.  Taking all of these considerations into account, it is with great sadness that I confirm that Studio One is to remain closed for the foreseeable future.  

Instead, we will continue to bring you daily workouts via our on-demand service while we work hard to establish a more certain future for Ballet Contours.  While this does not impact our growing online community of long distance members that regularly enjoy our Barre Fitness workouts, I would like to assure all of our studio-based clients from around Greater Manchester that this is just au revoir and not goodbye - the goal is definitely to see the re-opening of a physical presence once circumstances are stacked more favourably towards financial viability.


To order an online workout, simply click the green button below; this will open up a weekly schedule of on-demand sessions that you can scroll through and choose from.  The workouts aligned to each day of the week are to demonstrate the optimum way in which you'd ensure a systematic approach to training your whole body, should you have the opportunity to exercise daily.  You can, however, order a session from any day of the week so as to suit your personal schedule and fitness regime.  All workouts listed on Sunday act as a catch-up service, enabling you to order any sessions that you may have missed during the week.  Selection of your pre-recorded workout will be followed up with a short email containing an access link that allows you to view, complete and repeat the workout for 48 hours - this brings us to one of the fantastic features of the on-demand service, which is the ability to schedule your fitness into your day at a time that best suits you; wherever, whenever.


I would like to express my appreciation to our much-valued online community - thank you for continuing to tune in and enjoy working out with us.  I wish the best of health to you and all your loved ones.  Take care.

Heather Mae - Artistic Director



A.I.S.T.D (Dip) Holder of the Enrico Cecchetti Diploma 

Heather began her training in South Africa before going on to gain a wealth of experience whilst dancing in Canada, the USA and England; building up an extensive knowledge from performing, touring and teaching. 


After achieving her teaching qualifications, Heather went on to teach internationally within both vocational and grassroot settings, working hard to initiate community projects that aimed to introduce ballet to children in less privileged inner city districts.


Having withdrawn from full time teaching to look after her young daughter, Heather used her time to develop a ballet programme for adults – a comprehensive programme that is specifically designed to promote both physical and mental wellbeing through the provision of a progressive set of barre workout classes. 

"I started attending Barre Workout @BalletContours after reading that no previous ballet experience was necessary.  I soon noticed a visible improvement in core strength, shapely legs, arms and shoulders.
I always looked forward to my classes with Heather, who has the kindest and most encouraging nature." _ NICKY JONES
"Over fifty, and overweight, I finally made it to Barre Workout @BalletContours and found it better than expected.  It's a mindful, healthy exercise which puts one in touch with oneself, reduces stress and is fun." _ CAMILLA RYAN
"I find ballet a wonderful escape; I always come out feeling refreshed. 
 Heather is a very motivational teacher, managing to inspire you to do more by accentuating the things you do well, making you want to try harder to improve something else." _
"Having danced when I was very young, I started Barre Workout @BalletContours as something different in my dull exercise routine. It's the disciplined and challenging nature of ballet that keeps us all coming back for more but, besides the physical element of the class, your mind is also worked hard.  It has been great for my flexibility, strength and posture with the added bonus of making some great new friends." _


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